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Windows 95 Is Now Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows as an Electron App

If you want to have some fun this coming weekend pranking your colleagues or friends, there’s now an Electron app with Microsoft’s Windows 95 operating system that you can run on Linux, Mac, or even Windows computers.

Yes, you’re reading it right, someone just packed the very old Windows 95 operating system in an Electron app, which can be installed on any platform thanks to GitHub’s open-source framework for building and distributing universal binaries on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems.

According to developer Felix Rieseberg, you’ll get the full Windows 95 experience after installing and running his new Electron app, no matter what operating system you’re currently using. The Windows 95 Electron app has a little over 100MB in size and it works quite well even though was meant as a joke.

Here’s how to run Windows 95 on Linux, Mac, and even Windows

If you want to install Windows 95 on your… (read more)


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