How to Quickly Sort the Cards in a Trello List


Think of Trello as a deck of cards and you will get the picture. Like a card deck, you can shuffle cards, move them around, or stack them on top of one another. But how do you sort a bunch of Trello cards automatically, and without tiring your hands?

The little command is hidden within the Trello menu.

Sort Trello Cards with a Click

The ability to sort cards in different ways allows you to organize them in specific sequences. For instance, when you have a bunch of cards in a Trello board, you can sort by date created and bring the oldest cards to the top. Or rearrange them by any due dates.

The method to sort cards is easy:

  1. Click the Menu icon (three horizontal dots) in the top right of a list.
  2. Select Sort By and then click on one of the options under the Sort List.

Sorting options will vary according to the parameters added to the card. If Power-ups like Custom Fields are enabled, you can sort them according to the variables you may have entered there. If there are no Power-Ups enabled, then you will see the basic options above. Also, you will not have the option to sort a list by due dates if no cards have due dates on them yet.

Also, there is no way yet to “unsort” the cards once you have sorted them in a particular order.

Try it out now. Set a deadline for your cards and sort them to understand which one is looming around the corner. It’s just one way to use Trello more creatively for your life goals.

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