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Wata Yar Chaina Ta sa Likita Ya Toshe Mata Jin Murya Maza Sabida Karya

Wata Yar Chaina Ta  Nemi likita Da Ya Saka Mata Na’ura Da Zai Hana Ta Jin Muryar Maza Sai Dai Mata , Likitan Yayi Nasarar Yin aikin, Yanzu Dai Bata Jin Maza, Wannan Matar Tayi Hakan Ne Dalilin Wani  Saurayin Ta Da Ya Mata Karya Kuma Yaci amananta


Cikakken Rahoto Da Harshen Turanci
A Chinese woman developed a sudden hearing loss that makes her unable to hear the voice of men………………………………….,
The patient, who has only been identified by her surname, Chen, went to sleep with nausea and ringing in her ears but woke up to find she was unable to hear her boyfriend. Ms Chen, from the city Xiamen, on the east coast of China, went straight to the hospital when she woke up and her condition left doctors confused.
Doctors tried to figure out her bizarre symptoms, which were the opposite to more common forms of hearing loss, according to local reports. What was more surprising was that she could hear the voice of women, but not that of men.
A specialist diagnosed her with reverse-slope hearing loss, in which she could only hear high frequencies.
The condition is believed to affect only one in nearly 13,000 patients with hearing problems, according to figures.
It was possible that stress may have contributed to the condition, the doctors said.



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